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     I was born in January of 1988 in Valencia, Spain. I started studying directing films in 2012 at Nucine, a distance learning school. As a final project, I had to shoot my own film, so I wrote a script and with the help of my sister’s cannon camera and my friends as actors, we filmed ‘ACHROMATIC FEELINGS’.

     As soon as I finished my first short film, I moved to England to study Photography for four months at the Exeter College in Devon. Right after, a friend encouraged me to apply for a Masters on Documentary Film in London, and I filled the inscription and a few months later I was accepted. 

     Studying the MA was the best decision I made in my life. I made 5 short films on my own. We watched many films and give feedback to the other students too. We were lucky we had such amazing tutors, Lars Johansson, and Vikram Jayanti. We also had Bonnie Rae Brickman as the editing teacher and I had Richard Alwyn as my mentor for my final film project called “UFO”. All of them were amazing, we were very lucky to have them. 

     During the master, I made my first documentary film about my auntie and me, “PILI AND ME”. She has Down Syndrome and I always felt there was a very special connection since very little. At the end of the Masters, I made a one hour documentary about the way of living of a young group of jugglers. I filmed them in Valencia and learned about life, friendships, love, and commitment. This film is called “UFOS. UNIDENTIFIED FLYING OBJECTS”. I graduated in September 2016.

     Nowadays, I am finishing two new films, a documentary film shot in Romania called “HOUSE OF A BROKEN TV”, co-directed with Oana Tenter, a student of Cineimpact and MA Ethnography and Documentary Film at UCL. And also a fiction film called “TEDIUM” co-written and directed with Raphael Mars, a French model, and actor.

    In the future after settling in Madrid, I will continue working in new projects, improving my skills, and writing scripts for films and theatre.